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Month: September 2021

C-NLOPB Announces 2021 Call for Nominations (Parcels) in Three Land Tenure Regions

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) has issued a Call for Nominations (Parcels) NL21-CFN01 in the Eastern Newfoundland Region (Sector NL05-EN), Call for Nominations (Parcels) NL21-CFN02 in the South Eastern Newfoundland Region (Sector NL02-SEN) and a Call for Nominations (Parcels) NL21-CFN03 in the Jeanne d’Arc Region. These Calls for Nominations will assi

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Navigating COVID travel logistics proved tricky and time consuming for Newfoundland oil and gas industry

Vacationers may have stopped flying during the pandemic, but international travel is still a necessity for business. And for people like Gerry Mayo, it means extra layers of complications moving foreign workers to job sites in the Newfoundland offshore. Mayo is vice president of operations and an immigration consultant with the firm P.F. Collins in […]

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TradesNL optimistic about oil and gas projects for Newfoundland but it’s been a tough waiting game

TradesNL watching closely for developments in West White Rose re-start and Bay du Nord The group that represents 16 trade unions and about 18,000 tradespeople in Newfoundland and Labrador is optimistic for the restart of the West White Rose expansion project, following this week’s annual conference of the Newfoundland Offshore Industry Association (NOIA). Jonathon Brown, […]

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Session Five Focuses on Supplier Development: Market Opportunities & Diversification

Session Five of the Noia Oil & Gas Conference 2021 will delve into market opportunities and diversification and the potential benefits available to Noia members. Many Newfoundland and Labrador companies have diversified their operations to include working in other markets and sectors. They have exported their expertise and skills to help other jurisdictions grow their […]

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