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Session Five Focuses on Supplier Development: Market Opportunities & Diversification

Session Five of the Noia Oil & Gas Conference 2021 will delve into market opportunities and diversification and the potential benefits available to Noia members.

Many Newfoundland and Labrador companies have diversified their operations to include working in other markets and sectors. They have exported their expertise and skills to help other jurisdictions grow their offshore industry, while also creating opportunities to support their own business during down periods. During the session we will examine burgeoning areas of opportunity, what it takes to be successful in new markets, and what steps companies need to take to expand their geographic reach and revenue sources.

Josée Tremblay, Vice President, East Coast, Suncor Energy will kick off the session with an update on Suncor Energy’s operations within the region.

Following the update, we will hear from Rob Crosbie, Chair of Crosbie, who will provide insight into leveraging experience to foster new opportunities in expanding markets. Captain Anthony Patterson, Managing Director, Virtual Marine Training, will then follow by sharing his presentation titled From Local to Global and the experience of his company bringing their unique skills and products around the world.

Informative, timely, and engaging. Noia Oil & Gas Conference 2021 will not disappoint.