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Commodity Pricing

Conference Speaker Summaries

Session One – Resilient: Industry Outlook

Rory Johnston
Canadian Crude in Context

Rory Johnston will focus on how the Canadian offshore oil production will benefit from high quality barrels, low emissions, an underexplored resource base, and market access, which will further support the Newfoundland and Labrador economy. He will discuss how oil prices will remain bumpy as the market finds its way through the other side of COVID, and how the near-term will be driven by the pace of global mobility recovery and continued OPEC+ market management.

Todd Hartlaub
Exploring the Flemish Pass during a Pandemic

Todd Hartlaub will provide background information on CNOCC and their experience exploring the Flemish Pass during a global pandemic. He will share CNOOC’s success factors, as well as their Atlantic Canada exploration plans.

Session Two – ReEnergize: Cleantech & Emission Reduction

Panel Discussion –

Leo Power, CEO, Newfoundland and Labrador LNG Ltd. and Shayne McDonald, Director, Miawpukek Horizon Maritime Services
Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Gas Export Opportunity – An Indigenous Partnership

Leo Power and Shayne McDonald will discuss LNG Newfoundland and Labrador LNG Ltd.’s plan to monetize the province’s vast reserves of stranded offshore natural gas, including significant volumes of condensate, via the export of carbon neutral LNG to markets in Europe and other high demand markets. Leo and Shayne will share news of an equity partnership with Miawpukek First Nation (Conne River), marking a historic occasion and the start of a significant Indigenous participation in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil and gas industry.

Session Three – Local Content

Panel Discussion

Zachary Kaplan

During the panel focusing on Local Content: Global Best Practices, Zachary Kaplan will discuss case studies in local participation, trends emerging from 2020, and share where policies are headed in the future. He will share what we should expect looking ahead and what it will mean for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lori Ackerman

In her role as Mayor of the City of Fort St. John, B.C., Lori Ackerman is not only a steward for the needs of her city, but she is a champion for residents of her city on the national stage. During her presentation, Mayor Ackerman will share her expertise in local knowledge, community building, and diversification.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Keynote Address

Cathy Simpson 
From Stress to Resiliency: Intentionally design a better future

Cathy Simpson will take a deeper look into what resiliency looks like. Cathy will talk about leaning into uncertainty because you never know the good that can come from it. She will discuss designing a better future by reimagining the way you work. Finally, Cathy will talk about building your company, employee, and personal plan and the need of being a great employer, as employee retention is more important than ever before.

Session Four – Collaboration in The New (Normal) Industry

Angela Hooton and William Burton
Asset Management and Partner Collaboration Improves End User Safety

Angela Hooton will talk about the close collaboration between Newfoundland and Labrador’s Atlantic Hose and Fittings (AHF) and New Brunswick’s Swagelok Atlantic Canada (SAC) to help clients identify their critical fluid system needs. Their Asset Management program includes a digital database to manage client’s hoses, from cradle to grave. Their focus is on safety—reducing workplace safety incidents, equipment failure, and environmental spills.

Beth Schlitt and Mike LaPointe
ChampionX and Brenntag: Local Partnership Enables Safer, More Efficient and Sustainable Operations for Customers

Beth and Mike will share the history and benefits of ChampionX’s local partnership with Alpha Chemical (now Brenntag) for Newfoundland and Labrador customers and communities. They will focus on how local partnerships and people development can result in better supply chain reliability. Their local partnership has helped reduce costs and safety risks, and the success of the local partnership has resulted in an international expansion of their partnership in the U.S. and Guyana. They will conclude by sharing ways the next stages of their partnership will help reduce the carbon footprint of their companies and will also reduce emissions for oil and gas service providers and operators.

Gerry Mayo 
How the Local Supply Chain Supported Covid Protocols & Requirements for Mobilization of Rig Crew for Stena / CNOOC Drilling Campaign

Gerry Mayo will provide an overview of challenges created by COVID-19 to mobilize crew and showcase the capabilities of various local supply chain companies. He will demonstrate how the supply chain was able to collaborate to ensure project success, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of the local supply community to adapt to a constantly changing environment of project requirements & expectations.

Session Five – Supplier Development: Market Opportunities & Diversification

Panel Discussion – Leveraging our experience to foster new opportunities

Captain Anthony Patterson
From Local to Global

Captain Anthony Patterson will discuss his company’s success and expansion from local to global markets. He will talk about the importance of explicitly identifying your market, defining your value proposition, and taking a deep dive with clients. Captain Patterson will focus on clearing a path and actively disrupting for success.

Session Six – Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore – Next Steps for Reaching Our Potential

Dr. Vianne Timmons
How Memorial will be Critical to the Economic Recovery of the Province

Dr. Vianne Timmons will talk about Memorial University’s role in the economic recovery for Newfoundland and Labrador. Focusing on the role of immigration, workforce talent, research, and relevant programs, to aid in this recovery.