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New technology: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate stepping up efforts

Technology has been very important for developing the oil and gas industry in Norway.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is now stepping up its efforts to stimulate the industry to develop and utilise new technology to an even greater extent.

The NPD’s new technology strategy is particularly focused on technology areas the NPD believes will be important for the Norwegian shelf moving forward – see figure below. The strategy also says something about the steps the NPD will take to achieve more development and use of technology.

Discover more, produce more and reduce emissions

“We’re particularly focused on technologies that can help discover more, produce more and reduce emissions. These areas are important for the development of the Norwegian shelf, and we want them to be high priorities for the licensees in the production licenses,” says Arvid Østhus, who is the NPD’s technology coordinator.

“We believe that the NPD’s technology strategy will be a good instrument in our effort to increase the use of technology in the industry. Our wish is for technology opportunities to be a natural part of the work in the licences,” says Arne Jacobsen, the NPD’s Leader of Technology and coexistence.

The NPD has also contributed to the work on the new OG21 strategy, which will be presented at the OG21 forum today. It is updated every five years and stakes out the course for publicly funded petroleum research in Norway. The strategy also affects the plans for activities associated with research and development (R&D) in the industry and academia.

A driving force

Torgeir Stordal, the Director of Technology and Coexistence (TAC), will be participating in the OG21 Forum today.

He emphasises that the NPD aims to be a driving force for the development and use of technology in all parts of the value chain that provides sound resource management and the greatest possible value creation:

“We will facilitate closer cooperation on technology in the industry. We’ll also be the driving force for the development and implementation of selected technologies – including technologies that help cut emissions.”

The strategy is particularly focused on technology areas the NPD believes will be important for the Norwegian shelf moving forward. Illustration: NPD.

Source: NPD | This text was excerpted from the media outlet cited on November 12, 2021 and is provided to Noia members for information purposes only. Any opinion expressed therein is neither attributable to nor endorsed by Noia.