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Noia’s Annual Conference is Fast Approaching

Noia’s Annual Oil & Gas Conference is fast approaching, and we are excited to host this long-overdue, in-person event once again.

Due to public health guidelines, delegates will be assigned seating on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, we strongly suggest purchasing your tickets early.

Conference 2021 will kick off on Tuesday, September 21st with a keynote address from Lazaro Cosma, President, ExxonMobil Canada.

Following the morning keynote, Session One of Conference will focus on resiliency and take a deep dive into our industry outlook. Newfoundland and Labrador offers investors rich resources which can be developed achieving the environmental, social, and governance best practices and outcomes they seek. The session will explore the global oil and gas market, the role of Newfoundland and Labrador in that market, and what the future may hold for the industry and the global economy in general.

Guest speakers for Session One are Rory Johnston, Managing Director & Market Economist, Price Street, who will speak to Canadian crude in context. We will hear from Todd Hartlaub, Senior Manager, Atlantic Canada Region, CNOOC International, as well as Jim Keating, CEO (Acting), OilCo, who will discuss Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore place in a rapidly decarbonizing world.

With informative guest speakers, operator updates, and exclusive networking opportunities – you will not want to miss Noia’s Oil & Gas Conference 2021!

Click here for registration link.