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Noia’s Virtual AGM

The following candidates are seeking election for the 2021 Noia Board of Directors:

For the position of Vice-Chair:
Christian Somerton (acclaimed)

For the position of Treasurer:
Gerry Mayo, PF Collins International Trade Solutions (acclaimed)

For the position of Director (3 vacancies) *:
Paul Broders, Wood
Caron Hawco, Caron Hawco Group Inc.
Kristina Ennis, SEM Ltd.
Jason Fudge, DF Barnes
Kristina Kearney, Avara Solutions Inc.
Duncan Whitcomb, DewCor
Jeremy Whittle, Crosbie
Darren Zwicker, Terrapure Environmental

Please click here for the list candidates are seeking election for the 2021 Noia Board of Directors:

* As per Section 4.11 of Noia’s by-laws:

(j) At least one director representing a person Located and Engaged in Business in the province in accordance with section 3.9 that employs 50 or less employees will serve on the board by having the highest number of votes by a candidate in that category under the general list of candidates, provided always that such Full Member has been duly nominated for election.
•    No vacancy

(k) The conduct of elections shall be done such that at least one third of directors and officers elected to serve on the Board are female and comply with such other provisions as set out in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy established by the Board, provided always that such Full Member has been duly nominated for election.
•    One vacancy

For more information on these positions and eligibility, please review Noia’s By-laws 

Voting Procedures

All voting will take place electronically between Tuesday, April 27 – Tuesday, May 11 at 5:00 p.m. NDT. There will be no in-person voting.

There is one vote per member company (associate members are not eligible to vote). Members must be in Good Standing* at the time of the AGM to be eligible to vote.

*”Good Standing” means a Member whose account is considered current, meaning no more than ninety (90) days with dues outstanding, and who has not been disqualified by the Board. New members must be fully paid to be considered in Good Standing for voting at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, or other special meeting.

To register the voter for your organization, please click the link below and provide the name, email address and cell phone number of the voter. Landlines are not able to receive the voter code so please ensure a cell phone number is used. This information is mandatory for the virtual voting process and will only be used to provide access to the electronic voting system.

Steps to Online Voting
Step One – register your voter  by Tuesday, May 11 at 12:00 p.m. NDT
Step Two – Each voter will receive an email and text with a unique voting key and link to the online ballot. The voting key can only be used once.
Step Three – access your online ballot by clicking the link.
Step Four – complete the online ballot and submit. Voters will receive a confirmation once complete.

If you wish to appoint a proxy (ie. an individual from another company/organization to vote on your behalf) please submit an Appointment of Proxy Form no later than Monday, May 10 at 12:00 p.m. NDT. The assigned proxy voter will receive the voting key for your company.

Successful candidates will be announced at the virtual AGM May 12.

Virtual AGM
The 2021 Noia Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on May 12, 2021 from 10:30 am -12:00 pm. This event will include:
•    Report from the CEO
•    Report from the Treasurer
•    Presentation of PIHRC Educator Awards
•    Remarks from the Outgoing and Incoming Chair
•    Presentation of Service Awards
•    Announcement of Successful Candidates for the 2021 Noia Board of Directors

Registration Link

For more information on the AGM or the voting process please contact Noia at 709-758-6610 or [email protected].