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Noia Highlights Offshore Oil & Gas Industry During Provincial Election

As we are in the final two weeks of the Provincial General Election, Noia has released several videos that highlight the importance of the offshore oil and gas industry to our province. These videos focus on the direct impacts of the industry and the many spinoffs that occur in the economy and the social sector. Noia believes the offshore oil and gas industry must be a topic of discussion during the election and these videos should encourage further debate. You can find these videos on Noia’s social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram (@NoiaNL).

Twelve days ago, Noia also wrote the leaders of the four provincial political parties and asked questions about issues of critical importance to both the offshore oil and gas industry and Noia members involved in the supply and service sector for the offshore. We requested responses to these questions by February 4, 2021 so that we could provide those responses to you in a timely fashion before election day. Our letter is available on the Noia website and we have has also begun to post questions from the letter on our social media platforms.

Noia encourages you to share the videos and questions on your social media platforms while using #MyOffshoreMyFuture and to also ask your candidate their views on the offshore oil and gas industry and how they will chart a path to fuel our future.

Issued by Noia on February 2, 2021.