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Commodity Pricing

Members of Offshore Oil Industry Asking for Immediate Help from Federal Government

The province’s offshore industry is reeling as oil prices plummet due to COVID-19, so the families and businesses most affected are hoping to get the attention of provincial and federal officials.

The chair of Noia’s Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic XL, Karen Winsor, says a recent survey showed 52 per cent of their members have laid off some, or all, of their staff.

The Newfoundland Offshore Industries Association has launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #MyOffshoreMyFuture to show support for the industry and spread some hope.

Winsor says they’re trying to put a human face on an industry that employs thousands in this province both directly, and indirectly.

She says the campaign is about changing the story and rebuilding the industry on the other side of the current pandemic.

They’re hoping the provincial and federal governments get the message, so they get the help they need.

Source: VOCM News | This text was excerpted from the media outlet cited on April 27, 2020 and is provided to Noia members for information purposes only. Any opinion expressed therein is neither attributable to nor endorsed by Noia.