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NARL Aims to Bolster Come by Chance Refinery with Crude Flexibility Program

The Come by Chance Oil Refinery is about to embark on a crude flexibility program that will help extend the life of the refinery while meeting new federal marine fuel standards.

Vice President of Health, Safety and the Environment with North Atlantic Refining Limited, Jamie Beach says they’re going through the environmental assessment process which includes a public consultation session this evening in Come by Chance.

The first work, once approved, will involve site work to accommodate equipment which is still in the engineering and procurement phase. The needed equipment will be designed and built elsewhere, then shipped in and assembled on-site.

Beach says the work is necessary to meet new federal marine fuel standards called IMO 2020 that involves a change to cleaner fuel used in vessels at sea. The new regulations limit the sulfur content to less than .5 percent.

Beach calls it a long-term strategic project, in addition to the construction of a delayed coker.