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Noia Honours Oil & Gas Industry Leaders at 2016 Achievement Awards

St. John’s, NL (February 25, 2016) — The Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (Noia) honoured Robert S. Crosbie of Crosbie Group Ltd. and Dr. Richard Wright of Nalcor Energy (Oil & Gas) today at its 2016 Industry Achievement Awards Luncheon, a flagship event of Oil & Gas Week.

The Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes exemplary individuals who have influenced the development of the local oil & gas industry and who have demonstrated qualities of vision, integrity and leadership through their work and lives. This year’s recipient is Rob Crosbie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crosbie Group Limited (CGL).  Please see the following backgrounder for further information about Mr. Crosbie’s 36+year career in the province’s oil & gas industry.

“I really appreciate the honor of being named for this prestigious award. There are so many hard working and successful people involved in our oil & gas industry – one never expects to be the one being recognized.  I look forward to continuing to work with Noia because now, more than ever, Noia’s efforts are required in working with both levels of government as well as the operators to ensure the industry becomes more sustainable, effective and develops in a fashion that best fits the long-term objectives of the province,” said Mr. Crosbie

The Rising Star Award was launched in 2014 to recognize the talents of an impressive individual who is 40 years old or younger and has made remarkable strides in their role in the local oil & gas industry. Dr. Richard Wright, Nalcor Energy’s Manager of Exploration, is this year’s winner. For more information on Dr. Wright, please see the following backgrounder.

“Being recognized by Noia as the 2016 Rising Star Award recipient is an honour. There are so many well-deserving individuals doing great things and making a different in our local oil and gas industry – it is truly humbling to be recognized in this way,” said Dr. Richard Wright. “This award is a testament to the important work – finding new oil and gas resources for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador – being carried out by the highly technical and capable people I get to work with at Nalcor each and every day,” said Wright.

“It was my privilege to present these awards to two very deserving individuals today. Both Rob Crosbie and Richard Wright have made considerable contributions to the province’s oil & gas industry. They join a very impressive roster of past recipients whose determination, hard work and commitment have improved the industry to the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians,” said Robert Cadigan, President and CEO, Noia.

The event also acknowledged the following Noia members marking 30 or more years as Noia members and contributors to the local oil & gas industry:

  • The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Association (ACOA)
  • Acuren
  • A. Harvey & Company
  • College of the North Atlantic
  • Oceans Limited

“On behalf of Noia’s Board of Directors, I also offer sincere congratulations to this year’s award recipients,” added Raymond Collins, Chair of Noia’s Board of Directors. “I would also like to thank the five 30+ year Noia members also acknowledged today for their long-term commitment to the province’s oil & gas industry.”

Previous award recipients may be found online at www.noia.ca



2016 Outstanding Contribution Award: Robert S. Crosbie

Rob Crosbie has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crosbie Group Limited since 1991. Crosbie Group has business interests spanning multiple sectors which directly contribute to the vibrancy of the provincial economy. Crosbie Group businesses are active in the province’s industrial, real estate, and construction sectors and employ more than 350 people. The company’s growth under Rob’s leadership has been largely underpinned by strategic investments in our province’s offshore oil and gas industry.

Rob made the strategic decision in 1991 to forge Crosbie Group’s future in the emerging offshore oil and gas industry forming Crosbie Salamis Limited. He made a commitment to invest considerable resources to establish joint ventures with ASCO plc and Salamis Limited, both North Sea-based businesses and leaders in their respective areas of expertise. This strategy facilitated skills and technology transfer from the mature North Sea oil and gas industry and enabled Crosbie Group through both joint ventures to credibly pursue the growing oilfield logistics and fabric maintenance sectors in this province.

In addition to Rob’s considerable business success, he has also been an active private and public sector adviser and director, a community leader, and has an outstanding record of charity and volunteerism. Most recently, Rob served for eight years as Chairman of the Board of Marine Atlantic. Rob’s quiet style of leadership has played a key role in securing significant fleet and service enhancements which have directly benefitted all residents of the province and all active industries, including our offshore oil and gas industry.

Rob is currently Chairman of the Dean’s Advisory Board for the Faculty of Business Administration, and in this capacity he plays a lead role in helping the business school better prepare students to pursue oil and gas careers.

Rob Crosbie’s exceptional track record of entrepreneurial spirit, business achievement, community volunteerism, innovation and advocacy has served the Newfoundland and Labrador oil and gas industry exceptionally well. He has been an inspiring leader who has helped guide our industry’s growth throughout his 36-plus year career.

2016 Rising Star Award: Dr. Richard Wright

Richard Wright, Manager of Exploration, Nalcor Energy (Oil & Gas) is being recognized for his leadership, determination and commitment which has resulted in Nalcor Energy initiating and executing several revolutionary activities in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore.

Prior to joining Nalcor in 2009, Richard worked with the frontier exploration team at Chevron, focusing on the Canadian Arctic and offshore Labrador. Before Chevron, Richard worked at a geophysical consulting firm in Orange County, California where he worked on a number of oil fields in California, South America, the North Sea, the Middle East and offshore Australia. Richard studied at Memorial University of Newfoundland and holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Ph.D in geophysics with a thesis studying 4D seismic at the Hibernia oil field.

In 2009, Richard was presented with an opportunity to return home and today is Manager of Exploration with Nalcor Energy, where he is committed to finding new oil and gas resources for the people of the province. While established for almost 30 years, Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore – until recently – was largely unexplored. Recognizing the challenge of putting our offshore on the global oil and gas radar, Richard quickly put in place a comprehensive exploration strategy for the province – a strategy based on the collection of high quality geoscience data. To help execute this strategy, Richard brought together the best and brightest in the industry to form a world class exploration team.

While it has been a very busy couple of years for Richard and his team, it has also been an extremely exciting time. In 2010, under Richard’s leadership, the exploration team embarked on a journey to reshape Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore.

As a direct result of the offshore exploration geoscience work that the team is carrying out, the province is poised for growth. New basins in frontier areas have been mapped and delineated and play types that have never before been seen in offshore Newfoundland and Labrador are being imaged.

Richard’s vision, hard work and leadership has not only inspired his team, who he credits with this award, but has also sparked renewed interest among the international oil and gas industry about what’s taking shape in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore.